Available Services

Services Available

Ensure that your healthcare provider offers these services by checking with reception when booking

Antenatal Care

We have doctors who specialise in shared care for your pregnancy. Firle Medical Centre supports your GPs by having a midwife available complemented with the use of an ultrasound machine and foetal heart Doppler. These assist your GP to monitor your pregnancy at the highest standards.

Children Health / Childhood Immunisations

Your doctors have an interest in children's health and carefully monitor your child's development from birth. Our standards surpass the recommended checks with immunisation. Not only do we measure your child's growth but at every immunisation interval your child has a developmental assessment to ensure they are reaching their milestones. Being a nurse led clinic, this assessment is applied to all children equally. Achievement of childhood milestones is confirmed with a certificate at 18 months of age. To support early detection of childhood problems Firle Medical Centre has invested in a spot vision screener which can detect vision abnormalities in children as young as 6 months of age. The screening is performed routinely at the 18 months and 4 year health check.

Unlike some practices who have ceased performing 4 year health assessments due to government funding changes, Firle Medical Centre continues to provide a comprehensive 4 year old screening developmental assessment and vision check for all children.

Asthma Management

We provide an asthma management plan for people who suffer from asthma and have a dedicated negative pressure consultation room to administer nebulisers if needed. This stops the spread of viruses from nebulisers which was identified during the Covid era.

Spirometry is available in this room if needed.

Covid / Virus safe facilities

All patients arriving in the clinic are temperature screened on arrival at an automated temperature sensing station. If they have a fever or a cough they will be asked to exit and be examined in our negative pressure cough room. This keeps the waiting area free of coughing and febrile patients. The negative pressure room sucks the air out of the room and is completely sanitised between patients.

Dermatology / Skin Checks

Firle Medical Centre has provided dermatoscopes as standard equipment for the doctors who have an interest in dermatology and mole checks. This helps with accurate diagnosis and management for patients.


Mole map, the worlds first dermatologist – diagnosed skin cancer surveillance program uses tele dermatology to detect melanoma earlier and more accurately. Click here to read more about Mole map.

Minor surgical procedures

Firle Medical Centre provides high quality treatment room facilities to support doctors who perform mole excision, toe nail wedge resections and other minor procedures. Rather than sterilising and reusing equipment we have adopted the highest hospital grade standards and use quality disposable commercially sterilised equipment where possible for procedures.

Dietitian / Obesity Management

We have a qualified dietitian who has expertise in all areas of dietetics which includes; diabetes, fodmap(and other specialised) diets and has a special interest in obesity management.

Mental Health

Your doctors can develop mental health care plans which provide a roadmap for managing mental health issues including eating disorders. These should be written by your regular GP and are supported by an experienced on-site psychologist.

Women’s Health / Mirena /Implanon

In addition to having doctors with an interest in womens health, Firle Medical Centre has doctors who are trained in inserting mirena and other intrauterine devices. Firle Medical Centre supports the doctor by providing anesthetic for the patient, a gynecology bed for comfort and nursing assistance during the procedure.

Implanon contraceptive implant rods are inserted with local anesthetic by suitably trained doctors and are available by appointment.

Pap smear procedures are performed by all doctors and additionally by our trained nurse.

Men's Health

Men's health screening is provided as part of routine care. This includes the insertion of hormone implants that are used for the management of prostate cancer.

Chronic Disease Management

Your doctors are general practitioners who manage a variety of chronic medical illness in consultation with your specialist and other practitioners. This includes diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, epilepsy, cancers, asthma/airways disease. Your status is documented in individual care plans supported by our nurses. Personal goals are set for you and tasks recommended to manage and monitor your progress.

The doctors are supported by vascular Doppler machines to check your circulation, hearing audiology assessment, ECG, 24 hour heart and 24 hour blood pressure monitors. Each enables your GP to provide access to the best possible care on site.

GP Liaison Nurse

Unique in general practice, this nurse is your personal assistant. She will work to ensure that your GP is aware of any requests you have . She will contact you if the GP requests and will follow up things that you need from the GP to be completed or altered. These nurses are skilled at managing the bureaucracy that exists in the community and have direct access to the GP to action items quickly. Access through reception or by using the “message my GP” tab.

Travel Medicine / Yellow Fever Vaccination Accredited

Your doctors provide travel advice as they have access to all resources to make informed decisions. Whilst we prescribe vaccinations for you to purchase, we are accredited for storing the yellow fever vaccine and providing internationally accredited yellow fever certificates. These vaccines are available from the surgery.

Emergency Management

Firle Medical Centre is equipped to manage a variety of emergencies. All treatment room beds are ECG monitored and we have a slit lamp to look at eye foreign bodies. We have an operating microscope for ear canal suction and foreign body removal. Full plaster and suturing facilities are available for those who require them.

Iron Infusions

These are performed using a hospital-grade protocol that increases safety and reduces adverse reactions. Iron infusions are not provided to the public or at the request of other practitioners. They are only provided for regular patients of the doctors who consult at Firle Medical Centre under the supervision of that Doctor.

Aged Care Health Assessment

A one on one assessment with the nurse followed by your GP. This annual health assessment identifies medical problems for early intervention and helps identify the supports that the elderly require to remain independent at home.