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Excellence in Medical Care

The focus of our medical centre is the doctor-patient relationship and our services are provided to develop this. We provide services and support to help the doctors provide the care so they are fresh and invigorated. The doctors focus is solely on patient and patient centred care which they provide in their own individual style. Firle Medical Centre is a preferred location for like-minded doctors with a focus on quality to run their General Practice. It does not employ any specialist General Practitioners 

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Regrettably, the Doctors at Firle Medical Centre are introducing mixed billing from the 1st of January 2023.

Please speak to your regular doctor to determine how they will bill going forward.

Payment will be due in full on the day and non-attendance fees will be enforced.

General exclusions in order to maintain health accessibility for our patients are:

  • disability and aged care pensioners
  • children under 16 years of age
  • Immunisation administration
  • eligible telephone consultations
  • consultations for discussion of results (with the same doctor)
  • existing patients for chronic disease care plans and mental health care plans

Please note health care card holders are not automatically bulk billed and the assumption should be that they will be charged a Gap.

Any variation to the above is at the discretion of the doctor.