Unrivaled facilities

Firle Medical Centre excels in provision of medical facilities which assist your doctors in clinical decision making and to provide therapy at the highest levels without compromise. Some facilities are found only in emergency departments and hospitals. Some are found in specialist rooms and we provide them to encourage affordable access to such facilities. 

Vision scanner

This device is used to check the vision of children from as young as 6 months of age. This is an excellent addition to the children's assessment where we screen them as part of our assessments at 18 months, 4 years old, and whenever your doctor requests it.

Digital retinal camera

This device enables your doctor to take a photo of your retina and store it in your file. This is essential for diabetics and those with high blood pressure but can also be used as needed for vision problems. Access to such a device ensures you have best practice medical care from your GP and can identify problems between visits to eye specialist with accuracy.

High Tech wireless ECG facilities.

All our ECGs are reviewed and reported by a general physician in addition to your GP to assist in quality assurance for our patients.

Vascular Doppler

This device checks the circulation in the legs and feet by measuring the pressure and analysing the waveform of the pulse. Early detention of circulation problems can lead to better patient outcomes.

Ambulatory Blood pressure monitor

These monitors record blood pressure every 30 minutes during the day and hourly at night. We have two of these which we provide to our patients at a heavily subsidised price, for easy access to these important devices. This saves sending our patients to other providers such as pathology companies or cardiologists.

Holter monitor - a 24-hour heart monitor.

We have two monitors which we have reported by a cardiologist. These record every heartbeat over a 24 hour period. These are provided to assist with the provision of patient care with minimal delay and avoiding waits associated with visiting a cardiologist to have one applied. This provides faster identification of arrhythmias.

Digital photography monitoring wound-care.

Our ECG and Doppler device becomes a wireless digital camera for monitoring wounds and other clinical items.

Slit lamp

This piece of equipment is seen in hospital emergency departments, used to significantly magnify the view of the eye for diagnosis of eye diseases and safety remove foreign bodies from the eyes.

ENT operating microscope

Used to suction ear wax and other debris from the ear canal. This is the standard used by ear nose and throat surgeons.

Treatment room​

Unrivaled fully equipped hospital grade treatment room.

Paediatric Treatment area

Tailored pediatric treatment room facilities.

Monitored treatment room beds

Enables sick patients to be carefully monitored whilst waiting for treatment to be completed eg. iron infusions or waiting for ambulance transfer for emergencies. This provides real time monitoring of all vital signs.

Automatic temperature scanners

State of the art temperature scanners detect the patient with fever automatically and advise staff to take action for a provision of safe waiting area.

Gynecology beds

For the best access and comfort during gynecology procedures such as Mirena IUD implant.

Ultrasound machine

To assist your doctors who perform shared pregnancy care monitor your baby to the highest standards available.