Your experience at Firle Medical Centre

From the moment you enter you will be greeted by high tech temperature sensing monitors which identify those without a fever, allowing them to enter the clinic. Coughs are reviewed in our dedicated negative pressure room to avoid viral spread. Here we can provide nebulisers in a safe environment.

Patients who require the treatment room are identified and ushered directly to the nurses to prepare the patient for their doctor to see them and commence treatment. The doctors utilise this process for patients with expected presentations such as contraceptive injections, excisions, immunisations and infusions. This fast tracks the patient to the treatment room to minimise wait times.

Nurses have protocol driven roles that have been set by each individual doctor to begin therapy and assessments prior to the doctor attending. This is best noted with the developmental assessment provided to children at all immunisation intervals where the nurses assess the child and report the findings to the GP. Please note some general practitioners prefer to see the patient first. Every doctor conducts their practice in their own manner.

As the medical centre is a healthcare precinct, we provide services to doctors to practise general practice. No services are provided by the medical centre in isolation. A doctor will always authorise and initiate the care.

If a doctor wishes a patient to be fast tracked to the treatment room they can provide you with a treatment room card which alerts the desk that you are not required to wait in the main waiting area. We introduce the role of GP liaison. This role is manned full time by a registered nurse whose sole purpose is to serve the doctor and the patient. This nurse is your personal assistant. She will work to ensure that your GP is aware of any requests you have. She will contact you if the GP requests and will follow up on things that you need from the GP to be completed or altered. These nurses are skilled at managing the bureaucracy that exists in the community and have direct access to the GP to action items quickly. Leaving a message with the GP liaison through the “Message my GP button” will ensure that your personal assistant speaks to your GP and assists your GP to complete the task required.