Patient FAQs

Important Information for Patients

Monday to Friday 8:00am – 6:00pm

Saturday and Sunday 9:00am – 1:00pm 

Our aim is to assist the doctors in providing the most affordable and efficient medical service to their patients whilst consulting at Firle Medical Centre, and aid them in exceeding standard levels of care. To achieve this the doctors partner with our nurses to minimise waiting times and maximise bulk billing opportunities for the doctors.

The doctors and allied health team at Firle Medical Centre bill independently and charge a gap for consultations and procedures.

Payment will be due in full on the day and non-attendance fees will be enforced.

General Billing Principles

Please note, due to doctor independence, not all the doctors follow the guidelines below.

Please see the individual doctor page for their specific fees and guidance by clicking here

On weekdays: Gaps apply to all patients with the following exceptions.
$15 gap for health care card holders, $30 -45 gap for non health-care card holders depending on the doctor for <15 minute consultations and $60-$70 depending on the doctor for > 15 minute consultations – Full payment is required on the day and you can receive your eligible medicare refund immediately to your debit card (not credit card). T
General exclusions (bulk billing) to assist with health accessibility:
· disability and aged care pensioners
· children under 16 years of age
· Immunisation administration (pre-arranged)
· eligible telephone consultations
· consultations for discussion of results (with the same doctor)
· existing patients for chronic disease care plans and mental health care plans
On weekends and Public holidays: Gaps apply to all patients with the following exceptions :
$50 gap- Full payment is required on the day and you can receive your eligible medicare refund immediately to your debit card (not credit card).
General exclusions to maintain health accessibility for our patients are:
· children under 16 years of age
· Immunisation administration (pre-arranged)
· eligible telephone consultations
· review appointments for dressings

Any variation to the above is at the discretion of the doctor.- See the individual doctor page.


Specialised clinics e.g. Specialists, psychologists other allied health providers, and special procedures (Mirena and iron infusions). May charge higher gaps. Please ask reception.

Work-cover and Motor vehicle accident consultations are to be paid in full on the day until you have a claim number. Fees vary with average fees being around $170.

Call 83320424, book online or use our app called ‘My GP clinic’. After hours our phone diverts to the national home doctor service.


* Long appointments are encouraged if you have a list of problems.

* Walk-in appointments are available for unplanned problems.

Note: only one problem can be dealt with for walk-in appointments.

Attendance with your regular GP is recommended for centrelink or workcover matters, prescription of drugs of dependence and care plans.

Home visits are available by prior arrangement.

Your doctor will advise when they expect results to arrive at the practice. An appointment is required for the discussion of results. Reminders may be sent to you at the direction of the GP to attend for certain recall reasons. Telephone messages can be left with reception staff and doctors will respond directly or through The Gp Liaison nurse. Queries can be emailed to her by pressing  “Message my GP”.

We have several measures to assist in streamlining the waiting room and improving patient flow. Advise the reception staff if your problem is straightforward e.g. Requiring an injection or immunisation and we will try to triage you to improve waiting times. The nurses may assist with the flow if the doctor is running late and by commencing the consultation to assist the doctors.

In line with our commitment to provide our patients with the highest quality medical facility that exceeds the RACGP standards, we introduce automatic temperature sensing stations.

The temperature testing station identifies high-risk individuals and makes our waiting room safer for all patients. Additionally, it replaces  usual security surveillance systems that are  found in all places of business and public spaces. No data can be accessed by, or is shared with any third party as per our privacy guidelines.

How do we protect people in the waiting room.
COVID-19 has necessitated a review of people movement in businesses and public places. With the intention of providing a premium medical service, Firle Medical Centre has always lead during this period. We provided Adelaide’s only private drive-through testing clinic ensuring our patients were not inconvenienced by long waits and long drives for COVID-19 testing. We also provide Adelaide’s only private cough clinic exclusively for our patients so that they can be treated by their own doctor within the security of a negative pressure examination room.

The temperature testing stations enable us to review which patients were in close contact with the person with a fever and alert them. Currently there is no definitive treatment for COVID-19 however other illnesses that produce fever have treatments such as influenza, whooping cough and pneumonia. This will enable any close contact to get early treatment and minimise the spread in the community

Social distancing.
You may notice that some chairs are blocked so that people sit appropriately apart. The provision of telephone appointments has meant that we are able to suspend our walk-in service which minimises a number of unexpected visits to the waiting room.

Cleaning / disinfection
A contact-less hand dispenser for alcohol rub is available at the entry and a pump action dispenser  is available on the waiting room wall upon exit. Face masks are provided from our hygiene station for people who wish to use them. Throughout the day we have a chair disinfecting program, the frequency of which changes as the risk changes.

Children’s play stations have wiping stations attached to them for parents to pre-sanitise.

Movement of sick/high risk people
To avoid the spread of viruses we aim to identify all coughs and have those patients seen in a private area avoiding the general waiting room. This room has been adapted to be a negative pressure room so that any viruses will be extracted from the room and is cleaned between patients. This way patients with a cough will not be sitting in the waiting room with healthier people.

Unfortunately not all sick people cough and therefore our fever identification stations will give us an opportunity to identify people without a cough who are high-risk and ask them to be reviewed as part of our cough clinic keeping the waiting room safer. 

If you have a problem or complaint we would like to hear about it. Please feel free to talk to your doctor or the receptionist. You may prefer to write to us or email We take your concerns, suggestions and complaints seriously and will personally respond. Alternatively, you can contact The SA Health & Community Services Complaints Commission 

Toll free 1800 232 077 Website:

Your medical record is a confidential document that is password protected. It is the policy of this practice to maintain the security of personal health information at all times and to ensure that this information is only available to authorised members of staff. Reception and nursing staff have limited access to your records deliberately to avoid accidental disclosure.

We abide by the 10 National Privacy Principles available at I will send our privacy policy to continue with or reference to.

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