As part of our commitment to exceed the standards of other General Practices, we have partnered with MoleMap, Australia’s leading skincare detection service, to provide our patients with comprehensive full-body skin checks for early skin cancer detection and prevention. MoleMap, the world’s first dermatologist–diagnosed skin cancer surveillance program uses teledermatology to detect melanoma earlier and more accurately.
The checks are performed by a melanographer, trained by MoleMap, who photographs suspicious moles with highly specialised equipment. Each image is then viewed and assessed by a qualified Dermatologist who provides a report on the moles.

Unlike GP-run services, the moles are reviewed by Dermatologists, increasing accuracy and reducing unnecessary cutting. Full body skin-mapping is available to monitor and track changes to your skin over time. With annual full-body MoleMaping, you get unlimited individual mole checks with Dermatologist image review for that year.

Molemap provides melanoma diagnosis and surveillance to the standard established as best practice by the Australian cancer network and endorsed by the Australian Gvernment through the National Health and Medical Research Council. We follow and promote the 2018 clinical practice guidelines for the management of melanoma in Australia and New Zealand

Any moles that need removal can be excised by our doctors (bulk billed) or by a doctor of your choice. No referral is needed. 

Some private health funds cover the cost of MoleMap services. For full details, fees, and appointments book on the mole map website – click here to visit MoleMap website.